What is TypoSquad?

Typo Squad is a solution to proactively detect and prevent Typosquatting attempts towards a webpage and/or a brand. Typosquatting is the practice to acquire the online identity of another entity relying on mistakes such as typos made by the internet user when entering a website address into a browser. Typosquatting may be done to acquire the business and/or user base of the target entity, redirecting the mistaken user to a proper web-page faking the original one, eventually asking for sensitive information of the user, leveraging on their trust on the original brand.


Social networks

TypoSquad crawls the official social-media accounts of the target brand/domain as well as the trending topics, to automatically generate possible sensible domains.

Typo generation

TypoSquad automatically generates variations of the analyzed domains, to account for different potential kinds of mistakes.

Automatic analysis

TypoSquad automatically analyses the identified domains, handling priorities and recheck over time, and providing all the needed information about suspect domains to the final analyst.

How it works


Thank you for your interest in TypoSquad. Please write to us if you have any questions or suggestions and we will get back to you very soon.